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A Diet That Lasts For A Month

Can you eat MORE yet still LOSE WEIGHT?


It really doesn’t matter how much you eat.

Do children eat alot?


the 4 week diet system review They can eat as much as they want but if they have their hormones in balance and their stomach acid working efficiently then everything is fine. They could probably eat a birthday cake every hour and be fine…OK – that is going a bit far.

The point is that your stomach acid decreases over time so if we replenish that with a substance that can be used as a stomach acid replacement then we can eat what we consider to be a ‘lot’ of food and still burn it off.

4 week diet system review and infoWeight loss is really about burning food, which we do with our stomach acid..In my opinion it’s not about doing situps or pushups…or even one pushup…I hate those things.

Brian Flatt released his 4 week diet recently. A system for weight loss requiring 4 weeks.

What was his previous system? The two week diet system.

The one before that was the three week diet. This guy sure knows his weeks.